About the product and its components

Everything that is new on the market is subject to the suspicion of our citizens. Accordingly, the company MARTA MATILDA HARPER, whose business ethics it is, has made additional efforts to expose to future customers everything about the product and its components, with all its advantages and disadvantages, to help eliminate unnecessary doubts and help decide whether to use our product or not.

IMPORTANT: For all the facts below about the products of MARTA MATILDA HARPER, we guarantee international health certificates and the sanitary control permit of the Republic of Serbia. For other products of the SEC technique, the following facts should not be taken into account because we do not have evidence of their chemical composition and whether they contain any dangerous chemicals and compounds harmful to human health.

Marta Matilda Harper dipping powder products:

- NEW FORMULA - Organic and Non-toxic

- HEALTHY - Vitamin and Calcium Fortified, Toluene-Free, DBP-Free

- STABLE - No Matter Cold or Hot

- EASIER - to Apply For Beginners

- DURABLE - Long Lasting more than 3 weeks

- SHINIER - Double Shine, Glossy Nails

- FLEXIBLE - No Cracking, No Chipping

To beautify your nails with DIP technology, you need the following components and products from MMH:

Primer or Bond
Gel base coat
Dipping powder
Gel top coat
Vitamin oil
Medical acetone
Brush saver

Primer (Bond) is used to degrease the nail before using DIP technology. The chemical content of this component consists of 95% Ethyl acetate and 5% m-toluidine. Ethyl acetate is a known solvent and solvent, known for its low toxicity and pleasant odor. Toluidine, which is most commonly used as an intermediate in the production of paints and pigments, photo development fluids, vulcanization accelerators and common pharmaceuticals, is there to help dissolve the various paint particles that can be found on nails. Both materials are not on the list of carcinogens according to all current world lists (IARC, NTP, US OSHA and European Directive 67/548 / EEC).

The base adhesive contains 95% Ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate, ie a chemical material found in all possible adhesives available on the market. As with any glue, irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes is possible in direct contact. In case of unwanted contact with eyes, rinse eyes immediately with plenty of water, often with eyelid extensions, do not rub eyes if irritation persists and consult a physician. In contact with the skin soap to remove the material. The material is not on any list of world organizations for carcinogenic materials (IARC, NTP, US OSHA and European Directive 67/548 / EEC). The other 5% of the content is Polymethyl methacrylate, which we will talk more about in the next paragraph.

Color powder is a basic ingredient in your nails. Obtained by polymerization of monomers Methyl methacrylate (MMA), which in chemical processes and vapors can be very harmful to human health, especially for workers in chemical laboratories working with this material. However, its conversion to the armophic state by polymerization into Polymethyl Metaacrylate (PMMA) is a component that is widely used in our environment such as car windows, replacement medical dentures, denture filling layer in dentistry, and was mostly used for contact eye-catching lenses. According to Peter Legate and Ureporn Kedjarun (Leggat P., Kedjarune U., Toxicity of methyl methacrylate in dentistry, International Dental journal, 2003, pp 126-131) research conducted from 1939 to 2003 on persons who had contact with this material , whether as factory workers or as users of medical services, did not show an increase in systemic, chronic and carcinogenic diseases, except for workers in chemical production who were exposed to MMA inhalation, there were slightly more patients with lung cancer. The MMA monomer has been declared, just in case, as a material to be further tested in toxicological terms. However, PMMA has still not been shown to be a carcinogenic material after 100 years and there is no evidence of this, which is why it is not included in carcinogenic materials according to all world lists (IARC, NTP, US OSHA and European Directive 67/548 / EEC). The dip technique additionally removes possible fumes caused by PMMA depolymerization by not using nail heating with UV rays as with acrylic gels and when removing it does not use coarse files that damage the nail and create dust that is harmful to inhalation. As PMMA makes up 90% of the powder, the other 10% consists of Titanium Dioxide (chemical code CI 77019) and mica (chemical code CI 77891) which are used for powder pigmentation and which are also not included in carcinogenic materials according to all the above world lists. As for other toxicological symptoms, various eye, respiratory and skin irritations are possible if you are allergic to some of these materials. It is not recommended for these people to do any existing manicure techniques. In other words, if you want 100% protection in the use of DIP nail beautification technique, it is enough to use a protective mask when making it to prevent possible inhalation of unwanted particles that can lead to various irritations.

The activator serves to turn the powder into a solid mass. It consists of 15% Ethyl acetate which is primarily used as a solvent and diluent, low toxicity and pleasant odor. Used in paints as an activator or hardener. It is also present in confectionery, perfumes and fruits. The remaining 85% is N, N-dihydroxyethyl-m-toulidine, a chemical material used as a curing agent for epoxy resins, the formation of plastic and rubber polymers and as an additive for polymers. Neither of these two materials is on the mentioned world lists of carcinogenic materials, but they have their high level of toxicity when used orally and by eye contact. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when handling the activator to avoid unwanted consequences. After a few minutes of air drying, the activator in action with the powder produces a safe solid mass and loses its toxic properties that it has in liquid form, that is, the possibility of accidentally entering the body or applied to only the eye no longer exists.

The gloss contains identical materials as the base glue. Everything that applies to the base glue, that is, what was previously described in that passport, also applies to gloss. By the way, the gloss is used as a final layer of nail beautification and especially emphasizes the naturalness of the colors that are achieved with the DIP technique..

Vitamin oil for the ultimate goal has the ultimate natural disinsection of your nail. About 85% of the composition, ie the basic base, is highly refined and refined mineral oil. These oils are non-comedogenic, that is, they do not clog pores on the skin. It is a common ingredient in baby lotions, cold creams, ointments and cosmetics. It is great for preventing nail breakage. The other 15% of the composition of vitamin oil is vitamin E, where it plays the role of an antioxidant in bones, which destroys free radicals that can damage it and thus protects healthy nail growth. Then sesame oil, which has an antibacterial effect and its application on cuticles, helps prevent fungal and bacterial infections. The last ingredient is Aloe Vera, which has been proven for many years as a very healthy and applicable ingredient in maintaining not only the nail but also the entire body and prevents dehydration of the skin tissue around the nail.

Medical acetone is an organic compound that is most often used as a solvent in the production of plastics, drugs and other chemicals. It is very popular in households as a nail polish remover and as a thinner for paints and varnishes. It is colorless and has a pleasant smell. As its main role is to dissolve and produce methyl methacrylate (MMA), which is the basic monomer of the polymers presented above, it is excellently used in removing the complete mass applied to the nail without damaging the nail plate. It is not on the list of carcinogenic materials, even the human body naturally produces and excretes acetone in small quantities, especially for pregnant women and people with diabetes.

The cleaning agent is exclusively used for disinfection and cleaning of nail aids, mainly brushes and spoons. The composition of this liquid is 85% Nitromethane and 15% Ethane, which is an integral part of the natural gas, there are no acute and chronic diseases caused by it, it is not carcinogenic, but it should be kept out of the flames. The main use of nitromethane is as a stabilizer for chlorinated solvents used in dry cleaning and degreasing. It is also most effectively used as a solvent or solvent for acrylate monomers such as cyanoacrylate (better known as super adhesives). The user of this liquid must be careful when cleaning and degreasing work equipment, because nitromethane is characterized as a material that has the possibility of being carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B according to the IARC list). So protective gloves are recommended when using this liquid.

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Open questions?

How long will Gel Wraps last?

Gel Wraps lasts up to 2+ weeks without cracking or chipping. The results look like you're in the nail salon with a natural look.

Is it possible to upgrade nails with Gel Wraps?

No! Gel Wraps is a gel polish, only it's not in a liquid state like traditional gel polish, it's 60% prepared. Gel Wraps are not plastic, nor are they nail tips, and are used, like gel polish, on the natural length of the nail. You can of course use them on nail tips, if you want long nails, but with Gel Wraps you cannot extend your nails.

Why don't Gel Wraps set and stay soft?

Because you are not using an adequate LED lamp. If your Gel Wraps have not set, change the lamp. Gel wraps are compatible with newer LED lamps. You can order a mini LED lamp in our shop.

Can I also make a pedicure?

Without any problems! Our Gel Wraps can also be easily applied to toenails and removed again.

What ingredients are included?

All Gel Wraps products are Cruelty-Free, Non-toxic, FDA Approved, Vegan, HEMA-Free and Eco Friendly.

Gel Wraps ingredients:

Polyacrylic Acid, Acrylates Copolymer, GlycerinePropoxylate Triacrylate, Isopropylthioxanthone.


Everyone may react differently to different ingredients. If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients, we advise against use.